Asami Serum – promises to get rid of baldness. Is it really effective?

Baldness is a sensitive subject for both women and men and, unfortunately, it begins to settle from very young ages. Although there are more cases of baldness in men, women are no execption to it. The difference is that women can hide this with hair extensions and wigs, but men can not turn to such methods. There are a lot of products who treat baldness, but most of them give us an illusion. This is not the case with the new product that I discovered. It’s called Asami and it seems to be suitable for the most common hair disorders.

When you know you have relatives who have problems with baldness, you start looking for serious remedies to prevent this. Baldness is also called alopecia and is affecting many people. It has  a lot of causes: genetic predisposition is the biggest contributor, and there are other factors such as stress, nutrition, used care products, hair styling, and it has been proven that the use of extensions in women is a big cause of it.

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What did I discovered about Asami Serum?

I found this serum while looking for natural remedies on hair care. I did not want to try chemicals as I did before. Asami is a complete product that helps treat the most common hair problems and can be used for both treatment and prevention.

It acts both at the root and on the length of the hair. The benefits are quite a lot. It nourishes hair, stimulates hair growth and even counteracts hair thinning, offering volume and glow. The product is intended for anyone who is experiencing hair loss and it does not have side effects. You can be sure of this because it also has a quality certificate.

The price of Asami Serum is really low

Until now, I had the chance to test more expensive products purchased from pharmacies and I cannot say that I have achieved the results that I desired. They were nothing more than a simple hair mask that nourishes hair and gives shine to it. I’m interested in fighting thinning and hair loss. Asami is at a super offer and can be bought with 50% discounts, but because many people are facing baldness I say that you have to act quickly because the stocks are getting empty quickly.

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Asami Serum – What are the ingredients and how to use it

The product is quite praised on the market as far as I noticed and obviously I am curious to know the complete list of ingredients, but the producers did not revealed it. Most likely, they are afraid of counterfeit. They mention that the basis of the formula would be the ginseng extract combined with several plants that are constantly acting at the root of the hair, stabilizing it. The product seems quite promising and that’s because it offers long-term combat of baldness.

Asami is in the form of a serum, which makes it very easy to use. Just stir the tube well and spray the product on the scalp, then massage it. The advice of manufacturers is to have your hair washed and fresh before applying, because the pores are open and the serum will get deeper into the skin. You can use it 2-3 times a week without rinsing it after use.

Asami Forum

I’ve seen plenty of positive reviews on various forums to convince me that this serum is effective. Manufacturers are proud of over 5000 positive reviews and an efficiency of 98%. Personally, I have not seen so many opinions, but I’m sure the reason is that many are ashamed to talk about a subject as sensitive as baldness. Another aspect that I liked is related to the pictures posted by users where I could see the amazing results

What did the producers forgot to say about Asami?

I’m convinced of how effective the serum is, reading so many information and positive opinions but I doubt on one thing. Manufacturers mention on the official website that it has proven its effeciency in 98% of the cases. It seems to me that the numbers are a bit high, considering that the basis of hair loss contains different factors  and each body reacts differently. But it’s just my opinion. After all, I’m not a specialist.

Customer opinions about the Asami Serum

I would like more people to have the courage to share more about baldness because it’s not just an aesthetic problem and if someone is using Asami, please tell us whether it was a positive experience or not.

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